Top Solar Gear Recommendations

This is a page that is going to change a lot over time, and we will do our best to make sure it is always up to date. While this is a good place to stop in and see some of the best gear available, we’re not going to be able to include every top piece of solar gear out there.

Use this as a starting point to see some of the best stuff out there and then hit our posts to find out more. Thanks!

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Best Solar Powered Backpack: The EnerPlex Packr Executive Solar Powered Backpack

Finding a good solar backpack can be a challenge. Aside from just “can be,” the truth is that depending on what specifically you are looking for finding the right fit is tough. As much as advancements have been made, if you’re looking for more than a simple single USB charger built into the backpack, you have to look a little harder.

Among the backpacks that are actually good solar backpacks, the EnerPlex Packr Executive Solar Powered Backpack is by far and away the most reliable and impressive as of this writing.

One important negative to get out of the way: this is smaller than most backpacks you will be used to. So if you’re used to having a bookbag carried around campus that is bursting at the seams – you either need to change habits or consider a slightly less reliable solar backpack to get that extra space back.

But in every other aspect, this solar backpack is absolutely the best out there. Very well designed and made, well organized, and lightweight, this would be a quality backpack in any situation and the reliable 3-watt solar panel that will let you charge your laptop, phone, iPod, and other electronics as you go about your daily tasks.

This bag is under three pounds, is very reasonably priced considering the quality, and perfect for repeated use as long as you don’t completely load it to the seams.

  • Made under high construction standards in Denver Colorado
  • Water-resistant solar panel perfect for outdoor use
  • Rugged design that can handle the wear and tear of heavy use
  • Extremely good stylish look

Important Note: This is for use as a normal backpack, not a hiking pack for backcountry or thru hike. There is not a full sized backpacker’s pack calling itself a solar hiking pack that we feel comfortable recommending at this time.

Best Solar Powered Camping Shower

advanced elements solar camping shower

Being big outdoor fans, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that a solar shower is something that gained the attention of me or my brother very early on. Our first article on solar powered camping showers was written for a big outdoor site back in 2017 and at that time we became fans of the Advanced Elements Solar Shower.

Nothing has changed in that time. We have tried many of the new solar powered showers that came out and frankly, most of the new ones were junk. Recommended by Amazon, because junk dropshippers paid for ads or use the Amazon dropshipping program so they get a bigger cut.

That doesn’t make it higher quality.

None of those of have come close to matching what the Advanced Elements Outdoor Camping Shower has to offer!

This is a solar shower that holds 5 gallons (although I have seen slightly smaller and bigger versions, too) for use and has an impressively reinforced multi-layer construction. What does that mean in our language? It means no leaking seams. The reinforced stitching is designed to hold up over time and for as long as possible.

The solar warmth gets things done. The water is warm, there are long shower hoses, and you can enjoy a good hot shower even when things are cooling down outside.

This comes from a company that made inflatable kayaks, so they know how to make outdoor gear that can take an absolute pounding above and beyond what you would think it could handle.

These are reliable, very affordable, and get the job done. Trust us, we’ve tried multiple solar camping showers (we won’t even discuss the one that split at half capacity). You want the Advanced Elements Solar Shower!

Best Solar Outdoor Searchlight: LITOM Solar Landscape Spotlight

LITOM outdoor solar landscape lights

The The LITOM Solar Landscape Spotlight is our top choice among many quality solar-powered landscaping spotlights. These lights are a great way to light a plaque, the base of a flag pole, Halloween decorations, or even just showing off some beautiful flowers even at night. Good for night landscaping or security, having a solar powered landscape spotlight helps you show your best while minimizing any jump in the utility bill.

These LED solar lights are adjustable, put out a pretty white light without being overpowering, and serve a variety of great purposes for your yard. You can switch between low and high light mode, which is especially useful to make sure you’re not creating a glare that upsets the neighbors.

Or pours too much light in between the shades at night.

Things we like about these lights:

  • They are lightweight
  • They are portable
  • Give off a very natural white light
  • Very adaptable lights (can be used at home, at campsites, or even adjusted to be attached to your home)
  • 6 different LED light colors/lens options to mix things up

The LITOM Solar Landscape Spotlight is the top choice for a reason.

These solar outdoor searchlights are generally not for camp use but for security and night landscaping at your home. That being said, they are adaptable enough to be taken with you wherever you set up camp when traveling by RV or camping via tent.