Does Solar Powered Gear Power Inside a Tent?

solar laptop charging while camping

Camping is of my favorite outdoor experiences, right up there with backpacking to somewhere out of the way. When these your two favorite outdoor activities, it’s easy to see why portable solar powered gear would be attractive. When you’re dozens or even a hundred miles from the nearest plug-in, having the ability to charge the …

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Are Solar Backpacks Dangerous?

solar pack catching fire

Solar backpacks have become an incredibly popular piece of gear. Whether students on a university campus, an entrepreneur constantly on the move, or someone who has to work (or chooses to play) in some remote areas far away from any wall charger, solar backpacks have been a popular solution But are solar backpacks safe? Are …

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Can Solar Backpacks Catch Fire?

solar backpack catching fire cartoon

Solar backpacks are an excellent product that have made life easier for many people whether students, travel bloggers, freelancers, digital nomads, and others. The ability to charge a phone, an MP3 player, or even a laptop while away from an outlet is definitely convenient. If not outright necessary for some. But is it safe? Every …

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Are Solar Power Banks Worth It?

portable solar charger on phone

Solar power has come a long way, but is it always the best option or has it hit that trendy point where sometimes it’s more about being hip than actually being effective? These questions make sense. Are solar power banks worth it? Are they not? Solar power banks are worth it if your main focus …

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