Welcome to Outdoor Solar Gear!

Welcome to our website where we spend time going over any and everything solar for your outdoor adventures whether a student looking for a backpack with a solar charger, an outdoor influencer needing a way to keep their gear charged, or a hiker/camper who really wants a hot shower, there are solar solutions for those outdoor needs!

Solar has really come a long way, and most people have no idea just how much variety there are in solar products now.

For outdoor enthusiasts like my family, that’s fantastic news! The changes and improvements in solar tech mean the ability to keep phones and cameras charged and that means better pictures, better videos, and maybe even a hot shower in the middle of nowhere (if you’re prepared).

Also means a lot less concern while ice fishing. This is a really big area that we’re excited about, and we’ve found a lot of really cool up and coming companies that are all about getting the word out on their newest product, or improved take on and old one.

While we’re just getting started expect a lot of great content coming up in the future. We can’t wait to share what we’ve learned and hope you’ll get a lot out of it too!

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