Why Is My Solar Fountain Not Working?

decorative solar fountain

When I first got my solar fountain, I was excited to see it in action. However, after setting it up, I noticed that it wasn’t working as it should. Probably something that was my fault because as much as I try, I’m not exactly what you would call naturally tech-savvy. Even after flipping through the …

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Do Solar Panels Work When Its Raining?

rain drops on solar panels

There’s a lot to love about solar power. If you’re an environmentalist its a clean and safe source of energy that’s more reliable than it has ever been. If you’ve added solar panels to your house and watched the electric bills drop, solar can seem like a miracle. But how do these panels work when …

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Best Solar Christmas Lights Buying Guide

solar christmas lghts

Solar Christmas lights are an idea that might seem funny at first glance, but they are an excellent way to show off during the holiday season without running the electric bill up to ridiculous rates. There are some outstanding choices when it comes to solar-powered Christmas lights that are bright, multi-colored, and stand up to …

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How to Use a Solar Pool Cover

solar pool cover on water

Solar pool covers are useful tools that can help keep a pool warm. This has the dual benefit of making sure you don’t cannonball into an ice cold swimming pool in the morning Place the solar pool cover of your choice on your pool at night. Pool covers don’t heat the pool, but keep heat …

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Does Solar Powered Gear Power Inside a Tent?

solar laptop charging while camping

Camping is of my favorite outdoor experiences, right up there with backpacking to somewhere out of the way. When these your two favorite outdoor activities, it’s easy to see why portable solar powered gear would be attractive. When you’re dozens or even a hundred miles from the nearest plug-in, having the ability to charge the …

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Are Solar Backpacks Dangerous?

solar pack catching fire

Solar backpacks have become an incredibly popular piece of gear. Whether students on a university campus, an entrepreneur constantly on the move, or someone who has to work (or chooses to play) in some remote areas far away from any wall charger, solar backpacks have been a popular solution But are solar backpacks safe? Are …

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Can Solar Backpacks Catch Fire?

solar backpack catching fire cartoon

Solar backpacks are an excellent product that have made life easier for many people whether students, travel bloggers, freelancers, digital nomads, and others. The ability to charge a phone, an MP3 player, or even a laptop while away from an outlet is definitely convenient. If not outright necessary for some. But is it safe? Every …

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Do Solar Panels Need Sun or Just Light?

small cabin with solar panel on a foggy morning

Solar energy has come a long way over the years. Almost everyone has a basic understanding of how they’re mean to work. The panels are out, they collect sunlight, and convert that into electricity. Wonderful cheap green energy. However, some people are curious if sunlight is the only light that converts into energy. Solar panels …

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