Are Solar Attic Fans Worth It?

solar powered attic fan

Are solar attic fans worth it? That type of question seems to be around not only with solar fans but also with about anything related to solar. For some people this seems like a great way to improve the home. For others, the idea of a sun powered attic fan just isn’t as convincing. These …

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How to Dry Out a Solar Shower for Storage

solar shower unpacked

I know I’ve loved my solar shower since the very first time I set it up and used it during an extended outdoor camping. Set that up with a portable changing room, rinse off in the swim trunks, and set up everything to dry. Sometimes a little scrubbing goes a really long way. But drying …

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Welcome to Outdoor Solar Gear!

Welcome to our website where we spend time going over any and everything solar for your outdoor adventures whether a student looking for a backpack with a solar charger, an outdoor influencer needing a way to keep their gear charged, or a hiker/camper who really wants a hot shower, there are solar solutions for those …

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